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Crohn’s Disease Support Network is a non profit organization founded in 2009 by Jason Leitman. CDSN was created to offer support to the Crohn’s community as well as raise awareness about the disease. CDSN works hard to connect friends, families and anyone suffering from Crohn’s disease in order to provide a safe and loving environment. Jason continues to fuel CDSN with weekly updates, live chat and an unbreakable commitment to the people who rely on his network for support. Hopefully through CDSN resources, people can connect with each other to offer support, awareness, and education.


Presenting the CDSN Signature Bracelet

The CDSN bracelets are a representation of the bond and understanding that those living with IBD’s share. This bond is represented in the bracelet’s intertwined braid – similar to the intertwined lives shared by patients. The charms signify the feelings expressed by many patients – such as hope and faith.

By purchasing a bracelet you are participating in a chance to spread awareness, education and connect yourself with a supportive community. CDSN is committed to making sure that those living with Crohn’s disease never feel alone. 

A portion of the bracelet proceeds are donated to CDSN. 

To learn more about Crohn's Disease Support Network, please visit www.crohnsdiseasesn.com 

For more ways to raise awareness and funding for CDSN, please visit www.warmgiving.com

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