You CAN sit with us! Introducing The Sisterhood Collaboration - a curated collection of personalized fanny packs dedicated to embracing friendship, laughter and love. Four female run businesses teamed up to spread the message that we're all on the same team, because we're stronger together. Comedy content creators "Don't Call Me Mommy," Baby Barn Organics & designer Rachel Miriam understand the power of having a sisterhood to lean on. Committed to supporting one another, we believe friendships are the foundation of everything. A portion of net profits from each fanny sale will benefit The Downtown Women's Center! 


The Sisterhood Collection represents support for women all over the world. We see you, and we love you. We know how hard you work for what you love. Life is a journey of peaks and valleys, and a support system is essential to being your best self. You deserve this! Are you the Boss Babe, Zen Gal, Party Queen or Prepster Chic? #FindYourPack and know that no matter where you are in your journey, we always have your back! 


From the streets of downtown to the festivals late into the night, this party queen never stops! She's the one friend that can get you on the dance floor even after you've refused. She'll be the last one standing by your side after everyone has bailed. She's knows your favorite ice cream and she'll make you laugh even on your darkest days. She's smart, fierce and always funny. She's comfortable in her own skin and never backs down from an opportunity. All hail the party queen!


Most likely a workaholic with a dash of perfectionism, the Boss Babe knows how to conquer it all. This gal is a straight up boss and knows what she wants. She's confident and scrappy with a passion for making a difference. She'll have your back through thick and thin. Her priorities are organized and she'll rarely let you down. She's got a lot of love to offer and lives for a night out with friends. Her heart is pure but her business is fierce. Don't step on these gal's toes!


Think Charlotte with a dash of Bradshaw. The Prepster Chic loves a polished nude nail, an extra piercing or two and her favorite Golden Goose sneakers. She's the perfect blend of sophisticated funk and effortless style. She's always punctual with a plan ready for action. Notorious for her eclectic talents, she seems to have it all figured out. Her compliments are warm and she'll make you feel special. She knows the hottest places to be but loves a good slumber party. Count on her in times of stress because this one has a heart of gold. It's all good!


Share all your secrets and reveal your deepest thoughts, you can always trust the Zen Gal. She's the friend you trust with absolute certainty and she'll share her latest life lesson. She'll never be without her crystals and she'll know which essentials oils fit your mood. She'll solve your worries and squash your fears. Her presence is magical and her inner self is at peace. She exudes a calmness that we all crave and her mood is contagious. She can roll from moon circle to happy hour seamlessly and we're addicted to her smile. Namaste!


Which fanny are you? Flaunt your fanny with personalization that helps you stand out and shine! Design your fanny pack with neon, ombré and glow-in-the dark thread colors. Get creative and customize your fanny with words, phrases or hashtags that you LOVE.

We hope you enjoy our collection!

Rachel Miriam, Don't Call Me Mommy & Baby Barn Organics