We believe life is a journey and we create our own path.

We laugh hard. We play hard. We work hard.

We fight for what feels right and we are not afraid to speak our truth. 

We jump over hurdles and fly through obstacles. 

We make mistakes. 

We believe in love. 

We are bold. We are fierce. We wear our hearts on our sleeve.

The world deserves to know who we are. 

RACHEL MIRIAM — Curated collections designed by YOU. 

Let’s celebrate who we are. 

RACHEL MIRIAM PERSONALIZATION is about celebrating the choices that make each of us one-of-a-kind. 

RM curated designs feature the experience to find your voice and customize your own creation.

Our limited edition collections empower you to help make a difference in our global community. 

We honor incredible NonProfits working tirelessly to impact our local and global communities.  

We believe we can make a difference. We believe we can help. We all deserve to make a change.


Rachel Miriam, a Los Angeles native, is a true creative powerhouse and self-taught craftsman. An expert embroiderer, Rachel Miriam launched a luxury personalization company in 2015 that merges one-of-a-kind thread colors, fonts, monograms and designs with sophisticated style while giving back to local and global communities. Her line is tailored for those who love to make a statement. Rachel Miriam’s concept pairs limited edition curated collections with associated non-profits, bridging an intense passion for social responsibility and innovative personalization.