We partner with brands to help elevate their existing brand concept, soon-to-launch branding goals, or their next media pitch. We celebrate your brand and work alongside your team to make multi-tier concepts come to fruition. Rachel Miriam produces branded merchandise, influencer and PR gifting sets, holiday and quarterly marketing products, and more.

Our approach to brand partnership is hands-on, while offering full scale services. We listen to your goals and ideas, create an inclusive roadmap to execute them, and handle the logistics throughout each step of the process. We aim to make each project entirely custom-built and unique to you. 

Our work with leading brands in countless industries has given us a breadth of experience that keeps our creative minds on our toes! Through our many collaborations, we have increased brand exposure, community engagement, and made lasting impressions on consumers. Today, we have the luxury of nurturing long-term relationships with our partners, where we guarantee consistent results.