Rachel Miriam works with clients, brand & marketing teams, or your favorite relative to creatively produce personalized, unique gifts for all occasions.

We take a hands-on approach when collaborating with our clients to transform concepts into one of a kind product experiences. Our project scope ranges from small to large scale product development–curating thank you gifts, party favors, PR packages, goodie boxes, sentimental takeaways and more. 

We’ve worked with hundreds of wedding planners and brides to build out personalized and meaningful gifts for their guests or bridal parties. We know how dynamic the planning process is, so we make sure that each step is as easy, fun and memorable as possible. 

Rachel Miriam illuminates big life moments, and creates an experience through our product. Whether an engagement, a newborn announcement, an anniversary or a birthday, our team ensures that there’s intention behind each detail of our designs. 

From initial sourcing, to perfecting the design and adding your dream personalization, we work with clients to produce and ship quality gifts across the globe. Although we have plenty of fun, we don’t just create for the fun of it; we create to be a part of the stories shared from one home to the next.