For years, we have built and fostered relationships with factories and production teams across the world. We have years of experience in perfecting branded, private label products. We work through the project landscape with you, either designing in-house or using established designs to invigorate the company’s merchandise needs. 

We actualize your creative ideas, transform and manufacture them into profitable products, and sell them to you as private label goods, without RM affiliation. We work with the team to source, select and finetune any and all product needs.  

Rachel Miriam offers an array of private label opportunities. Curated gift sets, custom candles, yoga gear collections, silk clothing, pet products, home decor sets, you name it. We can bring your next collection live with you. 

And the best part? We accommodate both domestic and overseas production, without hassle. Our team’s operational efficacy and extreme knowledge in our industry allows us to manage the breadth of your next private label production endeavor.