Rachel Miriam’s originality in its industry has successfully amplified hundreds of corporate missions. We maximize exposure through branded merchandise using  company logos or marketing campaign assets. We understand the dynamism it takes to tell a story, as well as the intricate planning required to do so. 

We are a full-scale service, and work with corporate teams during each step of the product curation process. It goes a little something like this: Marketing concepts →  Meticulous pitch decks to nail down project scope → Product design and personalization → Production and evolution of the merchandise  →  Distribution and Shipment to clients worldwide. Simple, really. 

There’s tons of routes we can take when working with your corporation. We bring vigor to corporate retreats, expositions or storefront openings with branded merchandise or on-site personalization. We also work with you to upgrade company uniforms or enliven media mailers and press packages. 

For your next book launch, holiday campaign, or new company venture, we will heighten exposure through careful cross promotion. We’ve worked with leading companies to create, produce and fulfill thousands of mailing lists full of celebrities, partners and most importantly, loyal consumers.