RACHEL MIRIAM, a Los Angeles native, is a true creative powerhouse and self-taught craftsman. An expert embroiderer, Rachel Miriam launched a luxury personalization company in 2016 that merges one of a kind thread colors, fonts, machine techniques and designs with sophisticated style. Recognizing that traditional techniques were outdated, Rachel Miriam built a brand with the concept that personalization could be fashion forward with the right inspiration, influence and collaboration.

Investing in a tiny embroidery machine on her kitchen table, Rachel worked her way up over the years to a backyard shed, then a renovated garage, and currently 2,000 sq/ft in the prestigious Brentwood Village in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Her current corner office overlooks the first store she ever door-knocked on back when her dream was only an idea.

Born into humble beginnings, Rachel Miriam was no stranger to the hustle. Her philosophy in life revolves around the belief that life is short and we must take risks. Anything can be achieved with the right mindset, team goals, and kindness.

Rachel Miriam currently resides in Brentwood, Los Angeles with her two children (both boys) and a wonderful husband. Not a day goes by where she isn't incredibly grateful for her family, the business she's built and a large network of supportive employees and clients.